The shamanic workshops

The energy of the shamanic workshops

The Shamanism I practice, and that you will find in my workshops, is the one of attention to the heart, of benevolent accompaniment.

My shamanism is connected to the energy and figure of ‘the goddess’, to our european shamanic roots, our witch heritage, but also to the more archaic time of our Ancestors and to the modern world in witch we live.

My shamanic workshops are open to everyone

They are of variable geometry, from a few hours during a workshop to a few days during a stay.

Whatever the location of the shamanic workshop, so that language is not a barrier, I can translate it for you, if necessary, in 3 languages (French, Spanish and English) ;o)

Receive information about shamanic workshops by sending me your email address or by joining the whatsapp group directly by clicking on the link below!


What you can explore in my shamanic workshops…

Shamanic journeys, rituals, drums & other sounds, intuitive dance, sacred chants, trance, Cacao ceremony, immersion in nature and a thousand other shamanic ways of expansion.

The intention of my shamanic workshops is to help you reconnect with the sacred, the way of the tribe, the bond of gratitude to Mother Earth and the true presence of the living within you and around you.

Shamanism is a path of direct personal knowledge that has no dogmas and respects everyone’s vision. Every experience is sacred. Therefore, it is with this energy that I will accompany you, ensuring that everyone can find their rightful place. Not above or below, but with.


Shamanic workshops are always intense moments, important times for the participants, in which Life tries to move structures to help us grow. It is a real concentration of emotions in which we go with happiness from laughter to tears and from the deepest to the lightest emotions… I hope that you will love this beautiful adventure!

Prayer to the Four Directions

“Spirit of the East, Spirit of the Rising Sun
Thank you for your light that illuminates our paths,
May the Spirit of the Mighty Wind blow on the embers of our (re)births!

Spirit of the South, Spirit of the Eternal Sun
Thank you for your warmth that heats up our hearts,
May the Spirit of the dancing Fire offer to radiate the embodied being to us!

Spirit of the West, Spirit of the Setting Sun
Thank you for your transmutation energy which shapes our souls,
May the singing Water Spirit help us to clear our mixed minds!

Spirit of the North, Spirit of the Motionless Sun
Thank you for your wisdom and that of our Ancestors,
May the Spirit of the Earth, our mother, receive our childlike bodies!

Spirit of the Centre, Spirit of the Sun of the galaxy”


Shamanism workshops in France

I organize my shamanism workshops in France in various places, mainly in the South-West, but also wherever the wind blows me!

You will be able to taste the energy of very different places such as the “Coven de Folles Graines” in the heart of the Landes forest, the “Guiarderie” in the gentle countryside of Poitou, the barge “Naturaflo” in Bordeaux and sailing on the Garonne, etc…

I run my shamanism workshops in France in French, but also in Spanish and English if needed…!


Shamanism workshops in Spain

I organise my shamanism workshops in Spain, also in several places with different energies. You will be able to dive for example in a more urban shamanism in the heart of the big city of Madrid and in shamanic workshops on the beautiful island of Mallorca and also where I live, in Almuñécar, in the wonderful province of Granada!

I run my shamanic workshops in Spain in Spanish, but also in French and English if needed…!


Shamanism “Nomadic” workshops

Having always been a traveller, from time to time, life invites me to explore a distant or simply different destination for a shamanism “nomadic” workshop. For example, future shamanism workshops are in the process of being developed in other places in France and Spain, but also further afield such as New York, Norway and more!

So, if by chance, you’re reading these lines and want to invite me to organise a shamanism workshop in a particular place, follow the call, contact me and we’ll see! The world is my garden…

Upcoming shamanism workshops