Golden Words

They talk about their shamanic workshop…


Thank you so much for this shamanic workshop! There was clearly a before and an after. Intense, emotional and unforgettable moments. And then I felt a magnificent transformation in the days that followed… More joy, more confidence, more lightness and gentleness. And little gifts from life. It’s obvious, I had to be there.


Jim Morisson said, “True poetry means nothing, it only reveals possibilities.” You are that poet working in simplicity to transmit the art of the possible! Ride the snake, ride the snake always. Tlazocamati!


Thank you, Stéphane, for your energy and kindness. You make each encounter a gift. Thank you very much for the teaching you offer. Deep gratitude.


Here I am, with a little time to spare, to thank you for this magnificent workshop that you have offered us. In addition to an idyllic context and a magical environment, I greatly appreciated the accompaniment you offered us during this journey. I felt welcomed and confident. I met a man who I felt was in tune with accompanying us and leaving each of us free to find our right path and I would like to thank you for that, it is very important for me. This workshop was a wonderful journey for my physical and subtle senses. The moment was intense, powerful and soft, all at the same time. It was a beautiful meeting on many levels. I am delighted with this experience and I am looking forward to repeating it. So, thank you very much for all this!


Stéphane is a luminous soul. I participate in his workshops and trainings with my eyes closed. Trust, benevolence, freedom, security, sincerity, fraternity and humour are words that have accompanied me on each one of our encounters. He knows how to support and accompany us on each journey. He is a wonderful earthly guide. Thank you, Stéphane, for all these moments full of beauty!


I wanted to tell you that it was a great pleasure to share a magic and timeless moment with you again. I always end up full of love and poetry. I’m looking forward to seeing you again very soon to have new adventures.


I wanted to thank you sincerely for this workshop, which has been a first for me. It was a very fluid and clear meeting. It has been a pleasure to meet you and to be able to share with the group this extraordinary moment, which I felt at ease in very quickly. I think the beauty of this event is that you perceive a true union, I would even say communion, among the participants. In the end you experience so many things that I don’t even have words for, because I think you simply have to experience them and soak them up, as you have, indeed, said. Thank you so much, gratitude!


Dearest Stéphane, this encounter will be engraved on me for the rest of my life on this Earth. I thank you for the possibilities you have offered me… that I have offered myself. And as you say, Let the path open up before me!


Infinite thanks, Stéphane, for such a revealing and loving experience. The autumn shamanic journeys helped me to reconnect and heal myself further. I’ve discovered that the path of love is the opposite to that of fear. Sharing this shamanic journey with you has made me tread the ‘Pachamama’ in a more conscious way. Thank you, ‘little light’!


In my life, I have had a long journey through different means of spiritual growth, but I had never done any Shamanism until I met Stéphane. I feel that he has been the ideal person for me to start with. Even though he has a lot of knowledge, he knows how to only give the necessary brushstrokes with great mastery, so that you open up to the experience without conditioning yourself. His energy is that of listening, simplicity, softness, acceptance and all this wrapped up in the accompaniment you need before and after the workshop. My experiences with him are a great opportunity to connect more deeply with my interior, my feelings and to open up more to intuition and to be guided by my spirits, guides or teachers on my spiritual path.


Stéphane’s Shamanism Workshop is an enigmatic and wonderful journey that starts the moment you find out about it and continues in the shamanic journeys you experience throughout the workshop. Stéphane is a guide full of wisdom and love who helps you enter a state where your mind, your soul and the universe open before you, giving you a vision of your unique and transformative being. The journey continues having finished the workshop since the experience you’ve had invites you to follow your own path with a much richer and broader view of yourself and the universe that surrounds you.


I met Stéphane on Facebook. An advertisement with an air of authenticity, of strength. I automatically decided to participate in one of his shamanic journeys. The experience was completely different from others I’d had. I returned to ancient, rudimentary, magical times. I could almost smell the scent of the forest, of life! Sure enough, the force of nature took over the room and the magic began. What else is there to say? The journeys that Stéphane offers are a return to authenticity, to the home of our spirits, of our ancestors, and to unity…


Thanks to Stéphane and the wonderful workshop group! It was an amazing experience. I leave filled with abundant sunshine of the Solstice, love, sweetness and laughter. I can’t wait to go back!


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