Almaquetzal Shamanism

“I honour Life and the Ancestors,

I honour your powerful river
On whose fertile belly
Glides my boat smoothly…

Peace in our hands now.

I honour the long braid that connects us
And offer you in return
The moult of the Snake
And the singing of the Stars…

This is the place where beats my heart in the world.”

Stéphane Quetzal Almaquetzal Shamanism workshops
Almaquetzal shamanism workshops

Participate in a Shamanism workshop

My shamanism workshops in France, Spain and elsewhere are open to all and can vary from a few hours to a few days. All my shamanism workshops are open to everyone and can vary in length from a few hours to a few days. All my shamanism workshops navigate between 3 languages, French, Spanish and English, adapting to who you are.

Their intention is to help you (re)connect to the sense of the sacred, the tribe, the living, the heart, the energies of cooperation and openness to the world.

Shamanic journeys, rituals, drumming, dancing, singing, trance, immersion in the nature and a thousand other shamanic ways of personal empowerment are part of the adventure of the “Almaquetzal” shamanic workshops!

Who am I?

My name is Stéphane and the Spirits have given me the name of Quetzal. In the Life that offers itself to me, I try to feed with love my personal cauldron of energies of softness, forces and wisdoms.

A world traveller by nature, I organise shamanism workshops in France, Spain and wherever the wind takes me… and for the last 20 years I have been accompanying human beings on their path, whatever it may be, whether it be in a workshop, an individual session or something else.

May you find in my website “Almaquetzal” and in my shamanism workshops, the energies of inspiration, curiosity and openness to be able to nurture, blossom and radiate who you are and offer it to the world… this is what I wish you with all my heart!

See you soon on your way…!

Stephane Quetzal Shamanism

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