Shamanic sessions

Shamanic session:

All shamanic healing sessions take place by appointment only.

In Almuñécar (Granada’s district) – Spain

(+34) 608 89 68 02


Shamanic drum sessions Stéphane Quetzal Almuñécar granada Spain
Shamanic sessions Almaquetzal Stéphane Quetzal Spain

What is a shamanic session?

The goal of a shamanic session is to revive your vital forces. It speaks to your essence, your cells and your mind, as well as your body. This is why a shamanic treatment is never predefined in advance but on the contrary can take infinite forms. These ways of exploring the Self very often use drums and singing but are not necessarily limited to these. Please note that in my shamanic healing sessions hallucinogenic substances are not used.

Shamanic accompaniment is done by listening, caring and respecting who you are and your beliefs in order to help you explore, transform and deploy what is possible and right in the moment. This is why it is generally useful and prudent to keep shamanic care at a broader perspective, that of a true personal journey, whatever the form may be.

“My hands in the Earth
The heart in the palm of my hands
And the head on a journey
Over the horizon, consciousness sits
Taste the peaceful time that is there
Just there

Over there
Where joy carries your soul
Follow this path my brother
And let it lead you
Beyond the world
To see flowing in cascade
From the lips of the Nameless
The lights that whisper your name

The name
Of the path I feel
That I am
Following the Serpent, this big brother to me
It’s the song of the drum
That I hear in my hands
And which, to be there near me,
Waits for your hands in the Earth”

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