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Website of a centre for activities in self development in Almuñécar, where I live in Spain in the beautiful province of Granada; a place where I hold a shamanic workshop from time to time.

My old website dedicated to Shamanism, result of a shared energy with my drum sister, Aurélie Toumaïa.

Fred Sidarta’s website, marvellous shaman and precious friend. Guardian of the “Coven de Folles Graines”, in Callen in the heart of the Landes forest in France, he has, for several decades, been exploring and teaching a shamanism that is both archaic and of our time. His generosity of heart and his openness have made him, with great happiness for me for a long time, an inexhaustible source of growth and joyful sharing.

Aurélie Toumaïa‘s website, my drum & heart sister,  where you can find all the information about her activities related to shamanism and in particular her shamanic drum making workshops that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to respond to the powerful call of the drum!

My website dedicated to training in reflexology that I have been offering since 2006, another complementary facet of my personal universe and my cooperation with the world.

Website of the “A to Zen” Training Centre in Guîtres in Gironde, France, where my reflexology training takes place. Here, you can also train in Californian massage, Tibetan bowls, Tantra and many other arts. This zen cocoon diffuses a beautiful energy thanks to its wonderful guardian, Mehdy Mahi, soul companion and friend on the path of life.

Alba Buclet-Ibarra‘s website, a magnificent Mexican witch who works with great heart in the Gers (France), offering reflexology, massage, Chi Nei Tsang and other forms of magic!

Website of Leslie, my wonderful elf-sister who gives her energy to the service of yoga, dance and holistic healing (among other things), wherever the wind takes her.

Website of David Adrian, a fantastic yoga & tantra teacher and psychopedagogue in Madrid. He offers courses, workshops and profound, caring individual guidance.

Website of Nadine Dubon, gentle medicine woman working and living near Oloron-Sainte-Marie in Béarn, France. She organizes workshops, retreats and healing treatments connected to nature, women, the seasons, and to Life.

Frédéric Echassoux’s website, which offers Ayurvedic massage sessions & workshops in the Dordogne region in France. He also organizes trips to Nepal & India.

Philippe Gache’s website, which organizes ethical & enchanted trips to the Moroccan desert in small groups.

Tifen‘s website who trains and practices Chi-Neï-Tsang, EMDR and massages in Gironde (France).

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