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“We were those seeds at the heart of the Earth
Which were waiting for the Sun and the Water
In order to grow again towards the Sky”

shamanism workshops calendar Almaquetzal

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If a course is full, you can ask to be placed on a waiting list, in case of cancellations. Please, contact me and leave your phone number.

You can also receive information about future courses by sending your email address to me.

Dates of the next Shamanic Workshops

11 March 2023

10am – 17pm in St Vincent-la-Châtre (79500) – France

1st April 2023

10am – 17pm in Bordeaux (33000) – France

18 – 21 May 2023

In Callen (40430) in the south west of France, near Bordeaux (France)

17 June 2023

11am – 7pm in Madrid (Spain)

2 July 2023

10 am – 2 pm in Mallorca (Spain)


Shamanic workshops in France

I organize my shamanism workshops in France in various places, mainly in the South-West, but also wherever the wind takes me!

You will be able to taste the energy of very different places like the “Coven de Folles Graines” in the heart of the Landes forest, the “Guiarderie” in the sweet countryside of Poitou, the barge “Naturaflo” in Bordeaux and sailing on the Garonne, etc…

I lead my shamanism workshops in France in French, but also in Spanish and English if necessary…!


Shamanic workshops in Spain

I organize my shamanism workshops in Spain, also in different places with different energies. You will be able to dive for example in a more urban shamanism in the heart of the big city of Madrid and in shamanic workshops on the wonderful island of Mallorca!

I lead my shamanic workshops in Spain in Spanish, but also in French and English if needed…!


«Nomadic» shamanic workshops

Having always been a traveler, from time to time, life invites me to explore a distant or simply different destination for a “nomadic” shamanism workshop. For example, future shamanism workshops are in the process of being developed in other places in France and Spain, but also further afield such as in New York, Norway and elsewhere!

So, if by any chance you are reading these lines and would like to propose me to organize a shamanism workshop in a particular place, follow the call, contact me and we will see! The world is my garden…

Shamanic sessions