Shamanism in a few words…

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path of humanity and it has always been able to adapt to the cultures it crosses. Over time, it has taken on a multitude of forms and it is now making its big comeback in the west in search of its roots and a real link with its environment.

Shamanism is a view of the world in which everything is connected by a great Web of Life whose threads can be explored with humility to learn, understand, feel, heal, see, grow… Honour and know the flower, the star, the light and shade, the animal, the stone, the river, the tree or the man: All of these have the same value in the shamanic vision because they are all sources of priceless teachings.

Shamanism is the art of dialogue and cooperation with all areas of life, the visible and the most subtle. Its relationship to the world is that of patient observation and learning from this possible dialogue with what surrounds us so we have the ability to effectively cooperate with all the dimensions of existence, of Life.

Shamanism explores different levels of reality and consciousness in a thousand ways. In this way, it offers the traveller the possibility of getting to know themselves and the world better, by transforming their life towards a greater respect, love and openness to all living beings.

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The Shamanism I practice…

Shamanic practices are multiform and adapt to the cultures in which they are used. The shamanism that I practice, in workshops and in individual sessions, is mainly (but not only!) based on shamanic journeys, rituals, drums and other sounds, intuitive dance, trances, sacred chants, Cacao ceremonies, immersion in nature and a thousand other shamanic ways of expansion.

The Sacred Oak

“I remember the time when
Every honoured leaf, blessed by the Gods
Tender crackle of spring
Fresh buds
And then the bark that lets it bloom
The aroma and her naked dress
The humus, warmth, tepidity and air
Damp green silk still pale
Blooms offered
To our souls the coming party
Soft and beautiful until the night
Even until dawn
Pink the drops hung at sunrise
And the water so good in the morning
My cheek against its straight body
And the march of the insects
Above all the smell
The smell of the brother who carries us
Strong and light like a print
Finally In your sacred arms there
I remember the heart
And the time when…


Shamanic workshops in France

I organize my shamanism workshops in France in various places, mainly in the South-West, but also wherever the wind takes me!

You will be able to taste the energy of very different places like the “Coven de Folles Graines” in the heart of the Landes forest, the “Guiarderie” in the sweet countryside of Poitou, the barge “Naturaflo” in Bordeaux and sailing on the Garonne, etc…

I lead my shamanism workshops in France in French, but also in Spanish and English if necessary…!


Shamanic workshops in Spain

I organize my shamanism workshops in Spain, also in different places with different energies. You will be able to dive for example in a more urban shamanism in the heart of the big city of Madrid and in shamanic workshops on the wonderful island of Mallorca!

I lead my shamanic workshops in Spain in Spanish, but also in French and English if needed…!


«Nomadic» shamanic workshops

Having always been a traveler, from time to time, life invites me to explore a distant or simply different destination for a “nomadic” shamanism workshop. For example, future shamanism workshops are in the process of being developed in other places in France and Spain, but also further afield such as in New York, Norway and elsewhere!

So, if by any chance you are reading these lines and would like to propose me to organize a shamanism workshop in a particular place, follow the call, contact me and we will see! The world is my garden…

Upcoming shamanism workshops